Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So they sent me home on Thursay with a hospital bed,wheel chair and lift. We're still working on using the lift to get me from chair to bed and visa versa but we''ll get there. This week they'll be building a ramp so I can get in and out of the house. It is good to be home although I must say I do miss the awesome people at the hospital. Every single one of them was truly kind,understanding and patient.

When I left the hospital on Thursday all I had was my cell phone so I could call the rental place to drop off the bed and wheel chair, Larry had everything else ( a month's worth of stuff) in the van. So, I get home, they get me in the house, Larry unolads the van stuff and then he had to leave for awhile. Well after about an hour my phone starts to ring but I can't find it. I knew it was all I had when I came into the house but I couldn't find it. I dumped my purse out, went through the bags from the hospital room,,,,nothing. Finally Larry got here and called my # and when he did my shirt lit up! I had put it in my bra so I could hold onto the wheelchair arms and forgtten all about it. Glad my phone lights up or I'd have been crazy by last night!

So here I am still not walking but I have faith that things will get better over the next months, especially with all of your hope and prayers. Glad to be home!!

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Karen H. said...

I continue to think of you daily. I am glad you home and I hope that you're on your feet soon. I miss you Sue. xoxo