Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wild Wheelchair Ride

I've been home a week now from the hospital. Thjs weekend some lovely men from my chruch came over and built a beautiful ramp for me so Ican get in and out of my house for treatmemt, I'ts been killer hot here so it was even
more difficult for them, thanks Harry and Richard.
This weekend was General Brown weekend which is a weekend fair to clebrate General Brown, games,rides,funnle cake,,,,yummy. And since I had a ramp I could actually go out side and enjoy the sun and
breeze, The kids came up for a visist too so all in all a great day.y
Monday was my fifst day of chemo again, because of being in the wheel chair I have to have transport come and get me every day (dont ask the price of that), Anyway the driver was a new one and ended up dumping me into the dirt in my back yard, So,we had to call the ambulance to come and get me into the house. I thought I was OK but the visiting nurse just happenened to stop by, saw my twice swollen foot,called my Dr and off on the ambulance I went, At first they/d thought i'd broken it but after x=rays and a 7 am dr visit they decided not and sent me on to hemo, Idon't know how I get so darn lucky / well at least it wasn't broken. I really dislike this lap top so please the really poor typing, hope you all have a great cooler weekend.


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Oh dear, I'll bet that poor driver felt really bad. So glad it wasn't worse. Hope it heals fast.

Landra said...

Somehow, Sue, I expect it wasn't the driver you were feeling sorry for when you got dropped!

Karen said...

Oh Sue, I am sorry about the fall. But I am totally jealous of the ramp. When you start walking, you will have to learn how to roller skate/skate board down it. Or sled on it during the winter!