Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy May!

So it's Cinco de Mayo, given the choice, I'd rather be sitting someplace having a

corona and lime and some gooey cheesey warm dip, but alas Samaritan Health center is where I am. Not that this is a bad thing all things considered, I'm now in the Physical Therapy unit. I'll probably be here a month or so but I'm ok with that,I have to do what I need to so this is it. Yesterday was a big day because I got into a wheelchair. After a week in bed it was awesome to just sit up and cruise the hall. I think I've finally gotten over my little pity parade from last week and I'm ready to get this therapy moving. Have I mentioned how great the people who work here are? From radiation to the nurses and aids all of who have been nothing but kind and understanding and willing to take the time to have a chat or give me a kick in the butt when I need it. Well I just wanted to pop in and le you know what's up i have stories to tell but I HATE the latop to type on so it''ll hav to wait til I get home :)


Landra said...

Love you, Sue!

Robin Mira said...

do you want visitors? :)I could swing by with some coronas if you really :D